10 Years of Cocoa Life

In 2022, to celebrate ten years of helping lift the people and protect the landscapes where cocoa grows, the Cocoa Life team launched the ‘10 Stories For 10 Years’ campaign. We spoke to key partners from across the program – from farmers to community members, local co-operative leads to global NGOs, our suppliers to our advisors – to tell 10 stories from the past decade. These stories highlight how Cocoa Life is helping make cocoa sourcing more sustainable in key cocoa-producing countries, and demonstrate how through smart innovation and collaboration, we are helping to make cocoa right.

When we started Cocoa Life, we pioneered a new approach to more sustainable cocoa sourcing: investing and working directly on-the-ground with cocoa-growing communities to deliver measurable impact, at scale, where change is needed; getting clearer visibility across the cocoa supply chain; and working to tackle all the different interconnected challenges. By co-creating integrated solutions tailored to the farmer, community, and environmental needs, we have seen positive impact on farmer incomes, the cocoa communities, and landscapes. To learn more about how we have been moving cocoa forward together over the past ten years, you can find the full series here.